Super Sport is The Egypt's leading sports marketing, media and event Management Company, our client portfolio features some of Egypt’s biggest companies, the sport business and content are the key drivers for the academies & stadium consultancy.

 Super Sport is most dynamic and profitable unit. It specializes in sports media rights, ownership and management of sporting events, sponsorship,and stadium consultancies. It is also a preferred partner of many sports governing bodies in Egypt





Our Vision

To be a market driven company that is a preferred service provider

in the events management industry within its area of operation.



• To provide a full range of procurement and conference management

services including value added services

• To achieve and maintain a high degree of customer confidence and

satisfaction by continuous upgrade as per market trends, service

performance and prompt attention to customer needs

• To develop a sound marketing strategy with cost effective solutions

• To generate adequate internal resources to finance the company's

investment plans, working capital needs and build its reserves for

future growth

• To continuously enhance the quality of service

• To seek, promote and foster excellence amongst the team and

improve productivity.

• To allocate resources and to strive to reduce the cost per unit of

different services

• To actively seek expansion of the company's operation




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